About us

OneLogix Linehaul is a cross-border transport operator specialising in the movement of FMCG, hazardous chemicals, minerals, food and agricultural products, fertilisers, and general cargo into and out of Southern Africa.


OneLogix Linehaul aims to provide high-quality, world-class services that are efficient, meeting and exceeding customer requirements.


We aim to be the supplier of preference in the cross-border logistics market through recognition of our delivery quality and customer service excellence.



We are aware that intricate and multi-faceted businesses require specialist input from different people.

Working with a common goal in mind and encouraging every participant of a team to perform optimally is central to the OneLogix ethos.


Everyone within the group will be held accountable for all their actions both within the business environment and outside of the company within their community.


All actions are based on sound principles and intentions.


Each person is seen as an individual deserving of respect.


All people are treated in a reasonable and equitable manner which strives
to be objective and fair.


Staff are trusted to act in the best interests of the company in a reciprocal relationship, and trust amongst colleagues is actively encouraged.